Surge of British naturalisations in Germany


While the number of naturalised Turks in Germany is decreasing, 2016 saw a marked increase of 361 percent of Britons seeking German citizenship.

The number of British citizens applying for German nationality quadrupled after the Brexit vote of 2016. 2,865 Britons were naturalised in 2016, compared to 665 in 2015, the Federal Statistics Office (Statistisches Bundesamt) announced recently. This increase gains further significance when taking into account the fact that it primarily occured in the post-Brexit second half of the year. This is the highest level of British naturalisations ever recorded, the statisticians added.

All in all, the number of naturalisations in Germany rose by 3,000 to just under 110,400 new citizens. Turks still constituted the largest group with 16,290 naturalisations, however with an ever decreasing number (17.3 percent less than in 2015).

Double digit growth rates were reported for naturalisations of Polish (6,632 naturalisations, up 11.3%), Romanian (3,828 naturalisations, up 27.6%), Greek (3,444, up 12.6%) and Serbian (2,596 naturalisations, up 33.7%) nationals.

With an average of 33 years, the age of naturalised citizens was 11 years lower than the German average. The average length of residency of the newly-naturalised amounted to 17 years.





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