Suspect confesses murder of Walter Lübcke


In what turns out to be a right-wing extremist political murder case, the key suspect Stephan E. confessed the murder of Walter Lübcke, a senior district executive in the state of Hesse. As the main reason for committing the murder, the perpetrator mentioned his frustration about the refugee policy in Germany.

The suspect Stephan E. confessed to having shot the chief district administrator of Kassel (Hesse), Walter Lübcke. According to information from NDR, WDR and “SZ”, he said he acted alone and had no accomplices. According to the confession, the reason for the deed was his indignation at Lübcke’s remarks on refugee policy in 2015. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer confirmed that Stephan E. stated he had acted as a lone perpetrator. However, this is not the end of the investigation of the political murder.

The CDU politician Lübcke had been discovered on the night of June 2 with a gunshot wound in his head on the terrace of his house in Wolfhagen near Kassel. He died a little later in hospital. Lübcke had been threatened in the past because of his attitude towards refugees. At a townhall meeting in 2015, he reacted to abuse from participants and said that anyone who did not share certain basic values of living together in a society would be free to leave the country. Stephan E. is said to have been present at this event.

Stephan E. tried to get alibi

After the murder, Stephan E. is said to have tried to get an alibi. A colleague was supposed to explain that the two had been together during the night of the crime. Apparently in order to make later investigations more difficult, Stephan E. is supposed to have switched off his mobile phone before the crime – and only switched it on again the day after.

As Federal Attorney General Peter Frank informed the members of the Bundestag interior committee, several pieces of evidence had been confiscated from Stephan E.. The murder weapon, however, was not among them. Stephan E. has also been silent about the weapon so far. The murder weapon is said to be a pistol of 9 mm calibre. Stephan E. testified that he had been thinking about murdering Lübcke for a long time.

According to the Attorney General, possible contacts of the alleged assassin with “Combat 18”, the militant arm of the neo-Nazi network “Blood & Honour”, are still the subject of investigation. Stephan E.’s lawyer did not want to comment on the accusations today.

Stephan E. no informer of the secret service according to agency

The President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, is said to have declared to the members of parliament that the intelligence service had looked into the suspect several years ago, and discontinued his investigation as there was no further reason for suspicion. At present, however, an internal investigation is taking place to confirm or not that there was indeed no sufficient reason for continued surveillance.

Haldenwang also informed the Internal Affairs Committee that there was no cooperation between his agency and Stephan E. and that the assassin was not an informer. Although his name appears in files, there is no personal file on Stephan E. in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.


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