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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Monthly Archives: November 2019

Half time for the Grand Coalition: a brief assessment of two years of governemnt

The Grand Coalition mid-term results are due after about a year and a half of 'GroKo' government, and according to some, the results are actually pretty good. However, many of the successes don't seem to receive much notice in the population.

Highest court rules benefit sanctions unconstitutional

Going forward, the government will no longer be allowed to apply sanctions to job seekers and cut unemployment benefits as quickly and as extensively as it has been able to. This was decided by the Federal Constitutional Court. In principle, however, sanctions...

Grand Coalition quarrels continue over dissent on ‘basic pension’

It's half time for the Grand Coalition, and two years into this not-so-easy 4-year term, its achievements so far are neither overwhelming nor underwhelming. Speculations about a premature end of the coalition are have re-ignited in the light of the controversy over...