Berlin: BER airport to finally open gates in October 2020


The new Capital Airport BER is scheduled to open on 31 October 2020. This was announced by the operators on Friday.

Haste makes waste, as the old saying goes. In the case of the humiliating and disastrous BER airport project in Berlin, this may likely be a suitable description. With the 1 October 2020, nine years after its originally planned opening, we now have a definitive date for the inauguration of the new airport. This was confirmed by airport CEO Lütke Daldrup on Friday. The Tegel airport is scheduled to close just a few days later.

The first aircrafts will land at BER on the planned opening day. Lütke Daldrup said at a press conference held by Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH in the afternoon that the first take-offs are scheduled for the following day.

He also announced that the old Tegel Airport would close on 8 November. “From 8 November there will be no more commercial scheduled flights from Tegel”.


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