German media

If you’re looking to stay up to date on Germany, want to learn German, already speak some German or even speak it fluently, a great way to learn is by listening, watching and reading German media. Below we have some media recommendations you might find useful.

Radio stations

Deutschlandfunk: a nationwide publicly funded radio station with a high density of information about politics, business and society in Germany (online radio available)

All federal states have local radio stations with localised information: e.g. WDR 2 (NRW), HR3 (Hesse), etc.

German television

  • Deutsche Welle: a publicly-funded media organisation with live news channels and a news website in multiple languages (German, English, Spanish, etc.)
  • ARD/ZDF/Phoenix: public television with online streaming platform and online live TV (might need VPN for some programmes)
  • ARTE: German-French television station with vast array of interesting cultural, political, societal programmes

German online newspapers

YouTube channels

  • Jung & Naiv: Political YouTube channel run by journalist Tilo Jung with an excellent podcast series

Twitter personalities

This allows you to get political commentary and controversy from different political viewpoints, with great diversity of opinion.

  • Jakob Augstein
  • Jan Fleischhauer
  • Tilo Jung
  • Gabor Steingart
  • Sahra Wagenknecht
  • Max Otte
  • Don Alphonso
  • Deniz Yücel
  • Boris Reitschuster
  • Jasper von Altenbockum
  • Sigmar Gabriel
  • Kevin Kühnert
  • Jens Spahn
  • Moritz von Uslar
  • Christian Lindner

…to be further expanded…