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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Monthly Archives: June 2019

Vote of no confidence prematurely ends Kurz chancellorship

Austrian Chancellor Kurz and his government have been overthrown by a vote of no confidence. This is a consequence of the "Ibiza video" affair over his former coalition partner FPÖ. It was the first successful vote of no confidence...

Suspect confesses murder of Walter Lübcke

In what turns out to be a right-wing extremist political murder case, the key suspect Stephan E. confessed the murder of Walter Lübcke, a senior district executive in the state of Hesse. As the main reason for committing the murder, the perpetrator...

5G licences auctioned for €6.6bn to telco companies

The state is earning much more than expected: around 6.6 billion euros. These are to flow into digitilisation efforts. Deutsche Telekom paid the most, followed by Vodafone, Telefónica and Drillisch. After 497 rounds and 12 weeks the longest auction...

Nahles steps down after a year as party leader

The support is no longer there, Andrea Nahles says, and is giving up her position as leader of the Social Democrats. The party is calling for a crisis meeting, and Malu Dreyer could temporarily take over the party leadership.