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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Green Party publishes demands for stricter climate laws

A high CO2 price, an "energy allowance" for everyone and the end of the combustion engine: the Greens want to score points with far-reaching measures - and are thus on a much more radical climate course than the Grand Coalition.

Seehofer warns of new refugee crisis and pushes for EU solution

Interior Minister Seehofer's efforts to find a solution to the refugee and migration issue are causing discomfort in his own party. According to him, more commitment from all EU member states is needed - otherwise the chaotic situation of 2015 could repeat...

Austria: election winner Kurz to form government

Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen has entrusted ÖVP leader Sebastian Kurz to form a new government - and asked that climate protection be placed high on the agenda. Kurz sees other problems as more pressing. After leading...

Grand coalition climate pact to be weakened report says

No national target for CO2 reduction by 2040, instead a more gentle control mechanism: the final draft of the climate protection law is to be significantly weaker than expected. This was reported by "Der Spiegel". According to "Der Spiegel",...

German Unity Day: Merkel calls on Germans to work together

Chancellor Merkel praised the achievements since the reunification on the Day of German Unity. However, Merkel stressed that the German Unification was not yet complete and that freedom always had to come with responsibility. With an appeal against intolerance,...